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Your campaign may be geared towards men, women, or it may be gender-neutral. Select voice-over talent based on what your audience can relate to. People find male voices forceful while female voices are soothing and nurturing. Take all this into account when selecting voice-over talent.


Selecting voice talent with the right accent will make your voice-over relatable. Whether you’re a local or foreign business owner, you can always appeal to local audiences by selecting a voice that best represents their country. This seems obvious: go with an American talent when addressing an American audience and so on. But it’s not that straightforward.


The age bracket of your audience will determine the type of voice you choose. Young people might relate to an expressive and upbeat voice while older demographics may be more inclined to a deeper and more mature voice. Again, it’s about eliciting specific emotions from your audience.

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We support more than 220 languages and 530 voices, listen to the samples here.

Supported Languages

Afrikaans (South Africa)AlgeriaAmharicArabic (Asia)Arabic (Egypt)Arabic (Gulf)Arabic (Iraq)Arabic (Jordan)Arabic (Kuwait)Arabic (Libya)Arabic (Morocco)Arabic (Qatar)Arabic (Saudi Arabia)Arabic (Syria)Arabic (Tunisia)Arabic (Yemen)BahrainBengaliBengali (India)Bulgarian (Bulgaria)Burmese (Myanmar)Catalan (Spain)Chinese (Hong Kong)Chinese (Mainland China)Chinese (Taiwan)Croatian (Croatia)Czech (Czech Republic)Danish (Denmark)Dutch (Belgium)Dutch (Netherlands)English (Australia)English (Canada)English (Hong Kong)English (India)English (Ireland)English (Kenya)English (New Zealand)English (Nigeria)English (Philippines)English (Singapore)English (South Africa)English (Tanzania)English (UK)English (US)English (Welsh)Estonian (Estonia)Filipino (Philippines)Finnish (Finland)French (Belgium)French (Canada)French (France)French (Switzerland)Galician (Spain)German (Austria)German (Germany)German (Switzerland)Greek (Greece)Gujarati (India)Hebrew (Israel)Hindi (India)Hungarian (Hungary)IcelandicIndonesian (Indonesia)Irish GaelicItalian (Italy)Japanese (Japan)Javanese (Indonesia)Kannada (India)Kazakh (Kazakhstan)Khmer (Cambodia)Korean (South Korea)Lao (Laos)Latvian (Latvia)Lithuanian (Lithuania)Macedonian (North Macedonia)Malay (Malaysia)Malayalam (India)Maltese (Malta)Marathi (India)Norwegian (Norway)Pashto (Afghanistan)Persian (Iran)Polish (Poland)Portuguese (Brazil)Portuguese (Portugal)Punjabi (India)RomanianRussian (Russia)Serbian (Serbia)Sinhala (Sri Lanka)Slovak (Slovakia)Slovenian (Slovenia)Somali (Somalia)Spanish (Argentina)Spanish (Bolivia)Spanish (Chile)Spanish (Colombia)Spanish (Costa Rica)Spanish (Cuba)Spanish (Dominican Republic)Spanish (Ecuador)Spanish (El Salvador)Spanish (Equatorial Guinea)Spanish (Guatemala)Spanish (Honduras)Spanish (Mexico)Spanish (Nicaragua)Spanish (Panama)Spanish (Paraguay)Spanish (Peru)Spanish (Puerto Rico)Spanish (Spain)Spanish (Uruguay)Spanish (US)Spanish (Venezuela)Sundanese (Indonesia)Swahili (Kenya)Swahili (Tanzania)Swedish (Sweden)Tamil (India)Tamil (Singapore)Tamil (Sri Lanka)Telugu (India)Thai (Thailand)Turkish (Turkey)Ukrainian (Ukraine)Urdu (India)Urdu (Pakistan)Uzbek (Uzbekistan)Vietnamese (Vietnam)WelshZulu (South Africa)

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