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createAIvoiceovers.com is an online audio conversion text-to-speech system that harnesses the latest synthetic speech technology to create a high-quality AI voice that more accurately mimics the pitch, tone, and pace of a real human voice. The AI voice enables users to realize substantial cost and time reduction versus traditional audio production methods.

Our process of text-to-speech helps users address the challenges of delivering their content and marketing messages to a wide array of audiences.

The concept of Text-to-speech is not new, but its application has become far more life-like versus it’s early robotic sounding voice renderings. The latest natural voice sounding technology allows any digital material to have its own voice regardless of the medium (eLearning, marketing, blogging, advertising, corporate communications, electronic gaming, audiobooks, website). The text-to-speech technology is a winner solution to those visually impaired, and those challenged with reading disabilities.

createAIvoiceovers.com is owned and operated by The Seaplace Group, LLC of Sarasota, Florida.

The Seaplace Group is an organization of talent-laden, senior business executives with a vast degree of experience in the small business sector who advise, coach, consult, mentor, train, and support aspiring entrepreneurs, ambitious business owners, driven business executives, and professional service providers both domestically and internationally.

The Group is supported by a worldwide web-based network of professional Senior Business Executives. This elite association provides a depth of resources that enables The Group to assist its clients with any issue or challenge that they may be facing. These affiliations collectively add a tremendous scope to The Group’s business consulting and advisory capabilities.

The Group not only provide small business clients with information and guidance for them to survive and grow in the entrepreneurial world, but The Group also provides practical assistance in the form of consulting, publishing, and training.

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